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How to be a Smart Qualitative Market Researcher

by   CBC Marketing Research


Feb 18, 2016 17:02

A Focus Group Company in China collects and analyses information about clients of organizations, business and government departments. The evaluations should help them to make political, social and economic decisions. Most market researchers in China are employed by market research companies which are working on different projects for diverse companies and industry fields.

Quantitative market research agencies are working with data, percentages and statistics, which results comprehensible facts. Qualitative research agencies in China on the other hand analyses the reasons behind certain statistics. A qualitative market researcher has not only to find out what people think, but above all why they think it.

Market research firms in China pass through the following steps:

  1. The researcher determines the study and target group.
  2. He has to understand what practice will be used and choose the suitable method to collect data.
  3. The analysis of the collected data is time-consuming point of the process. The quality market researchers will summarize the collected data and compare them with theories and develop ideas to find an answer to the initiate questions. It is not about collecting the truth from the participants. The research results are a product of various situational factors.
  4. It is an interpretation of context who could be plausible.
  5. At least the researcher will write a report about the results and the derived recommendation.

Practice will be used and choose for data collection:

  1. Observation: watching subject and taking notes from behind a one-way mirror or video camera.
  2. Focus Groups: leading a discussion in a group to hear different opinions from the participants.
  3. A good interviewer will lead the group discussion unstructured and free-flowing to get the people out of their daily life. To deconstruct the situation afterwards it should be recorded, as well as to analyse the body language.
  4. Subject interviews: talking about products or special issues with a person. It is all about understanding people’s responses to find out what they led to their answer of different questions.
  5. Hybridization studies: mixing the quantitative and qualitative market research to get some important statistics and to find out the reason behind the numbers.
  6. Online tools: with different online tools the researcher has the possibility to meet the persons in their own private life. To gain insight of people’s opinion about something you can use online surveys or read blogs. With keyword search on the internet, you can see how much interest there is in a special keyword. At least it is always informative to check out the competitor’s link.

Qualitative research in China is about asking the right people the right questions in the right way. The researcher needs the skill to get people to talk about their point of views. It is a long process to become a qualitative market researcher, sometimes it should require years. For a western company it is almost impossible to do a qualitative market research for a Chinese target group. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right person, a professional market researcher from a qualitative research agency in China.

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