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Why Do Business Carry Out Market Research?

by   CBC


Nov 25, 2013 18:35

In any venture, there is always one key commodity no business or project manager can have too much of: information.  As you eye the Chinese market and map out your plans, reliable information will be a factor that makes or breaks your business.  Facing cultural and barriers, market inexperience, an intense focus on connections, and consumers on a sheer scale like no other place in the world, investing in information is to invest for success.  At CBC, as researchers at a top Market Research Agency in China, we are here to give you the leg up on the competition, get into the heads of your clients and customers, consult you on strategy, and provide the X-factor that paves the way for results in any aspect of your business.

Why do businesses, state projects, and non-profit organizations of all kinds seek out business research firms in China, and all over the world?  How do simple survey writers connect to great performance?  The key is in the power of the tools—the ability for excellence of methodology, study design, and modern research technique to get accurate, reliable, and detailed results, important insights, and drivers on diverse business and project related subjects.

In marketing, we can uncover market demand and sentiment, lay out brand maps, track the effectiveness of advertising, and measure awareness and strength of brands.  For a project or real estate planning and development, we can study community demands and sentiments, community impact, and play a key role in a successful PR campaign.  Even in tracking performance, market researchers can be a major asset by studying employee sentiment, evaluating employee performance, and following key business variables such as market share and customer satisfaction/retention/advocacy.  There are no aspects of any business or project that could not benefit from including our enthusiastic research teams.

How does it work?  At CBC, we are a comprehensive Market Research firms with expertise in a number of research techniques, but the core of market research is in qualitative and quantitative studies.

Qualitative studies include focus groups, key informant interviews, such as executive interviews; and observational modes such as ethnographies or “a day in life”.  Focus groups rouse insightful discussion from members of target groups, while informant interviews gather the opinions of important relevant individuals, their values and disposition towards products or services.  While qualitative studies are directional (and not statistical), they provide a “human aspect” and a “voice” to the data that can be invaluable.

Quantitative studies include phone, intercept (on-site), and internet interview studies.  These studies provide bulk data that is representative or target populations, and can be analyzed with statistical techniques. With the excellence of study design and strict methodology to provide reliable, unbiased results, quantitative studies are used to uncover information on a great diversity of business-related topics.

Beyond the core methods of study, CBC’s researchers are also proficient in secondary research, ethnographic studies, mock customer studies, industry research in China, and more. Beyond getting the data, our experience and business expertise makes us invaluable consultants. Our familiarity with data and our own studies give us greater power of insight.  Discover the difference with us at CBC Market Research.

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